How Do We Work?

Based in central London we can collect your items from a convenient location and time to suit.

We always discuss what is to be sold and what price is likely to be achieved either in a “Buy It Now” or “Auction” format, then deal with any cleaning or repairs (all costs will be invoiced to you when the item sells).

You will then receive an emailed invoice of items collected and a brief summary of sale plan.

Your items will be listed within 10 days, and be kept in a clean and safe environment until sold. Unsold items after 90 days will be reduced by 20% in a 2 week sale.

If an item is requested back before the sale ends we charge a £10 handling fee per item.

Any unsold items can be returned to you, picked up in person, or we can pass them on to a local charity of your choice.

We charge a competitive 30% commission for items under £500, with items over £500 charged at 20% (exclusive of ebay and PayPal fees which when combined together equal 15%).

That equates to a 45%/55% spilt to you . Payments are made at the end of every month directly into your bank or paypal account.

We will deal with all the questions from buyers in a timely fashion, and process the packaging, postage and shipping worldwide .

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