Authentication Services

At Sell4uBoutique we only work with designer items that are 100% authentic.

After many years in the luxury designer industry, we have seen our fare share of real and fake items online – so we have decided to offer an authenticating service, so you too can have peace of mind.

We understand how frustrating it can be to find your designer item is a fake – if there is an item online that you are thinking of purchasing, we can look into it for you and offer our professional opinion.

We can offer a photographic appraisal, email authentication or printed certificate of authenticity (COA) Please send us an email with any questions or requirements.

Thank you Our full-service includes:

  • Photography authentication £12

  • Mail in authentication with COA £28

  • Authentication in person POA

  • Pre purchase email opinion £8 Excluding Chanel & Hermes

Make An Authentication Request